• To celebrate 80 years of innovation, research, and professional development, AAST wants to send 8 additional international residents, in-training fellow, and medical students and fund a new MIT Study.

    In order to do so, we are calling on our generous and active membership, friends, and network to help us!

    The Annual Meeting has led to not only the advancement of the association, but also the advancement of the field of acute care surgery.

    The Annual Meeting brings together not only premier American trauma surgeons, but also international physicians as well. This meeting of the minds promotes healthy discourse, discussion, and discovery that is unparalleled by any textbook. Scholarship recipients will be able to benefit from not only from this discourse, but also the cutting edge analysis that AAST members provide. From case studies to research methods, the annual meeting is a vital experience that can transform the minds and futures of the next generation.

    Members of AAST will join the Diamond and Pearl Society after making a contribution! 

    • Members will join the Diamond & Pearls Society. For all active members, they will be considered diamonds. Diamonds are the strongest natural resource in nature, and we want to reward our strongest donors. Members will receive special tags to be affixed to their badges
    • Pearls are for our Senior Members who contribute to the campaign. Marked for their timeless dedication to the organization, senior members will be awarded special tags to be affixed to their meeting badges.


    • Invitation to the Diamond & Pearl Breakfast at the 77th Annual Meeting of AAST and 4th World Trauma Congress
    • Special Merchandise at the Annual Meeting
    • Entry to the 80th Anniversary Sweepstakes