To celebrate 80 years of innovation, research, and professional development, AAST wants to send 8 additional residents, in-training fellow, and medical students and fund to the Annual Meeting; 1 new Research Scholarship; and 2 MIT Studies to use the AAST data collection tool.


    In order to do so, we are calling on our generous and active membership, friends, and network to help us!

     On behalf of the Research and Education Fund Committee, AAST wants to express our strongest appreciation for all of your contributions to the 20forTwenty Fund, General Fund, #GivingTuesday, and Year-End Appeal. Making contributions to organizations like AAST is a trust fall that your hard earned money is making an impact in not only that organization, but the trauma community as a whole.




    In addition to making a lasting change in the lives of AAST hopefuls, members who make a contribution will receive various rewards as part of the Diamond and Pearl Society.

    Watch each month for e-mail updates and exclusive content. Join us in welcoming a new group of eager young investigators looking to dive head first into the world trauma and the care of critically ill surgical patients!

    Members of AAST will join the Diamond and Pearl Society after making a contribution! 

    • The Diamond and Pearl Society is a collection of AAST members who have made contributions to the 80th Anniversary of AAST.
    • All active members of AAST are the diamonds of the Diamond and Pearl Society. Diamonds are the strongest natural resource in nature, and we want to reward our strongest donors. Members will receive special tags to be affixed to their badges
    • Pearls are for our Senior Members who contribute to the campaign. Marked for their timeless dedication to the organization, we want to honor all donors who have continued to support the mission of AAST throughout their time as a member.


    • More Information will be released each month! Check for additional updates and special services at the Annual Meeting!
    • Access to the new AAST Donor Lounge
    • 80th Anniversary giveaways
    • AAST Store Discount (50%)

    How To Join?

    • To participate, members are encouraged to give a designation containing the number 8. 
    • i.e. $80, $108, 128, 180, 258, 508, 800