• Cross-Cutting Issue: Firearms

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    • Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
      offers fact sheets and other resources to educate the public about gun violence, including the STOP 2 kit to  assist healthcare providers to talk to patients and their families about the risks of keeping a gun in the home
    • Common Sense about Kids and Guns
      provides a clearinghouse of information to educate the public about the unsupervised access to guns by children and adolescents; offers safety tips, state-specific statistics and resources, and a searchable Web resources database
    • Harvard Injury Control Research Center
      offers a focus on research of the causes of youth and family violence and injury due to substance abuse and firearms, firearms research reviews, and the National Violent Injury Statistics System
    • Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research (JHCGPR)
      provides center factsheets, monographs, slideshows, and other educational resources about gun policy, gun violence and prevention strategies
    • Join Together Online
      offers Internet resources for community-based efforts to address substance abuse and gun violence
    • Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR®)
      offers information on firearm policy, tools for health professionals in talking with patients and the public about gun violence prevention, firearm fact sheets and bibliography, and advocacy resources
    • Violence Policy Center (VPC)
      offers resources on gun violence issues, including center reports, state firearm laws, fact sheets, and resource links