• Pediatric Trauma Surgery Committee

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    The purpose of the AAST Pediatric Committee is:

    1. Provide state of the art information regarding the care of injured children to the AAST membership
    2. Advocate for the unique needs of children within the trauma community
    3. Provide a means for a formal dialogue between the pediatric and trauma communities
    4. Foster collaboration between AAST and other organizations (e.g. AAP, PTS, APSA) regarding the care of the pediatric trauma patient

    Our general goals are to:

    1. Provide pediatric educational content to the AAST membership
    2. Encourage collaboration between the Pediatric Committee and others within AAST, such as Prevention, Multi-institutional Trials, and Educational Development/CME
    3. Encourage participation in the AAST activities by those interested in pediatric trauma
    4. Support pediatric trauma-related research