• ACS Committee Members


    Clay Cothren Burlew, MD, Chair* (2020)
    Stephanie Savage, MD, Vice-Chair (2020)

    Oliver Gunter, MD (2018)
    Nicole A. Stassen, MD (2018)
    Paula Ferrada, MD (2018)
    Gary Vercruysse, MD (2018)
    Addison K. May, MD (2018)
    Brian J. Eastridge, MD (2019)
    Joseph M. Galante, MD (2019)
    Peter Rhee, MD, MPH (2019)
    Preston R. Miller, MD (2019)
    Joseph F. Rappold, MD (2019)
    Richard Miller, MD (2019)
    Marc DeMoya, MD (2020)
    Christopher J. Dente, MD (2020)
    D'Andrea Joseph, MD (2020)
    Eric Toschlog, MD (2020)
    Nate Mowery, MD (2020)
    Dante Yeh, MD (2020)
    Alicia Mohr, MD (2020)
    Britton Christmas, MD (2020)

    John Fildes, MD, Program Directors Committee Chair* (2018)

    Thomas Scalea, MD, Ex-Officio (2018)
    Kimberly A. Davis, MD, Ex-Officio (2018)
    Grace S. Rozycki, MD, Ex-Officio (2019)
    Eileen Bulger, MD, Ex-Officio (2019)
    Raul Coimbra, MD, Ex-Officio (2020)
    David Lindsey, MD, Ex-Officio (2020)


    * Executive Committee of the ACS Committee Standing Committees