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    AAST Report on Research Topics for Trauma Surgeons

    December 15, 2003

    The AAST was contracted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to do a report on the research topics that are most germane to trauma surgeons. The report by lead author, Gregory J. ("Jerry") Jurkovich, MD FACS and Ronald V. Maier, MD , will soon be published in the Journal of Trauma, "Identification of Acute Care Research Topics of Interest to the CDC-NCIPC." The tables corresponding to the Journal article are presented here:


    • Appendix 1 -- Professional affiliation of the participants.
    • Appendix 2 -- The results of the second round of the survey, generating 81 questions, and their ranking.
    • Appendix 3 -- The 81 questions resulting from the second round and their response analysis.
    • Table 2 -- The results of initial web-based survey of trauma care providers, 18 categories of 137 questions.
    • Table 3 -- Details the categories, topics, and likely funding source for the top third (n=27) of the generated research questions.