• History of the AAST

    Historical Timeline
    June 14, 1938 AAST formed as American Association for Traumatic Surgery
    May 8, 1939 First Annual Meeting of the Association
    1940 Name changed to American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
    1948 Kellogg Speed, MD, AAST 1st President, presented the association with a gavel and represents a replica of Cotton's hammer.
    1959 Proposal to start the Journal of Trauma brought to the Board of Managers
      Charles Johnston appointed first editor of the Journal of Trauma, but passes away prior to first issue in 1961.
    1961 First issue of the Journal of Trauma with Dr. Rudolph Noer as Editor
    1967 AAST votes to form the American Trauma Society with Dr. Noer to serve on the Board of Directors and AAST to serve as incorporators.
      Dr. William T. Fitts Jr., becomes Editor, Journal of Trauma (officially takes over in 1969)
    1968 American Trauma Society Incorporated
    1969 Journal of Trauma becomes monthly instead of six times a year.
    1971 The Editor of the Journal of Trauma is made a Board of Managers Position
    1972 AAST gives $1,000 to the American Trauma Society as they are not a fully functioning organization.
    1974 The creation of the Dr. William T. Fitts Lecturer
    1975 The first Fitts Orator was given by Dr. Curtiz Artz
      John Davis, MD, becomes Editor, Journal of Trauma
    1978 AAST holds an International Symposium on Trauma in Washington DC in May.
      Senior Members are relieved on paying dues
      AAST applies for 501-C-3 tax exempt status
    1980 Trauma Fellowship for students developed
    1981 Journal of Trauma published in Japanese
    1983 AAST archives all AAST materials with the National Academy of Medicine
    1984 AAST officers assist in the formation of the Pan American Trauma Society
    1985 First Trauma Scholarship offered and sponsored by GM. Scholarship awarded in 1986
      Davis and Geck sponsor a five year $35,000/year scholarship with AAST.
    1987 AAST holds a joint meeting Trauma Association of Canada
      Winthrop Pharmaceuticals co-sponsors a scholarship with AAST
    1989 AAST forms a committee to research an AAST Foundation or Endowment
      A military gavel was presented to AAST from Basil Pruitt, Jr, M.D. for its 50th Anniversary
      50th Anniversary Medals were given out to all attendees at the 1989 meeting. The medals were created by the Franklin Mint.
      $400,000 was appropriated for an endowment to "provide support for trauma education and trauma research"
    1991 AAST created the Critical Care Committee
      The Canizaro Award is created for the best new paper from a new member at the Annual Meeting
      AAST members vote for professional meeting management of future Meetings
    1992 AAST retreat is held
      AAST hires professional meeting management starting with the 1994 meeting.
    1993 AAST develops student scholarships to the AAST Annual Meeting
      AAST Research and Education Foundation developed
      Basil Pruitt, Jr., M.D., selected as the Editor, Journal of Trauma beginning January 1995.
      Joint meeting with the Orthopedic Trauma Society is held
    1994 AAST Research and Education Foundation has a Board of Trustees, and receives $600,000 from AAST.
      The John H. Davis Fellowship is developed
    1999 Wyeth-Ayerst co-sponsors an AAST Scholarship
    2000 Critical Care Committee Chair is made a Board of Managers position
    2005 AAST membership votes to hire an Executive Director
      AAST rents space from the American College of Surgeons for two staff members
      Novo Nordisk sponsors a two-year scholarship
      Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson sponsor one year scholarships for the next five years
    2006 The first Executive Director is hired
      KCI sponsors three one-year scholarships
      AAST/ACS/NIGMS sponsor a K08/K23 scholarship
    2007 AAST Annual Meeting attendance tops 850
      A strategic retreat is held
    2008 First Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Training Site is approved
      AAST holds "Acute Care Congress on the Future of Emergency Surgical Care in the United States"
     2010  Journal of Trauma celebrates its 50th Anniversary
      Meeting attendance tops 1,000
      Ernest  E. Moore, M.D. selected as the Editor, Journal of Trauma beginning January 2012
    2011 AAST Annual Meeting name is changed to:  Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery
      International Relations Committee is made a standing committee
    2012 Ernest E. Moore, M.D., becomes Editor of the Journal of Trauma
      Journal of Trauma name is changed to: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
    2013 AAST Celebrates its 75th Anniversary with a commemorative historical book.
    2014 AAST partners with NTI to create The Coalition for National Trauma Research (CNTR

    First CNTR Advocacy Day held with 40 surgeons. AAST BOM votes to start an open access journal, Trauma Surgery and Acute Care Open

    Acute Care Surgery Chair is made a Board of Managers Position, JTACS Editor is removed as a voting position on the Board of Managers

    The following committes are made Operating Committees:  Education Development/MOC, Geriatric and Pediatric Trauma Surgery


    Trauma Surgery and Acute Care Surgery Open Access Journal launched on May 31, 2016

    The Disaster Committee is made an Operating Committee 

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