• Trauma Tools

    The Trauma Tools collection lists materials that are helpful in organizing and facilitating the clinical practice of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery. These include clinical materials such as order sets, templates for admission history and physical notes, progress notes, ICU notes and procedure notes. The collection also includes Administrative and Educational Tools for a variety of uses. Our users are encouraged to download any of the material in this collection for their use and to submit their contributions for possible inclusion and dissemination.

    To submit information, please email Sharon Gautschy. Include a description of the resource and the category under which it should be listed.

    AAST Virtual Grand Rounds

    The National Trauma Grand Rounds was piloted in 2009 and is now nationwide with webcasting. Dates for 2018 webcasts are listed here.  All webcasts are at 5:00 pm EST.    

    (To join the webcast on the day of the event, either click on any of the archived sessions or click here. The link to the site will be live approximately 30 minutes prior to the starting of the event.)

    Professional Resources

    Injury Scoring Scales

    Emergency General Surgery Anatomic Severity Grading Scales

    Screening and Brief Intervention Trauma Guide

    CDC has developed Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) for Unhealthy Alcohol Use: A Step-By-Step Implementation Guide for Trauma Centers to help Level I and II trauma centers plan, implement, and continually improve the new Committee on Trauma (COT) alcohol-screening and brief intervention requirements.

    Download the SBI Billing Manual to learn how to bill for it.  The manual was written by Penny Osmon and Richard Brown of the Wisconsin Initiative to Promote Healthy Lifestyles. 

    Multi-Institutional Trials

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