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    AAST Newsletter MITC Committee Spotlight- December 2019

    As we kick off the New Year, there are some changes coming to AAST Multi-center studies that we hope will streamline the development of new studies while continuing to support online data collection.  Principal investigator’s will now be encouraged to develop their data collection tool using REDCap as an alternative to our current custom data collection platform. REDCap is a secure, web-based application that can be used to develop customized data collection tools and has become a common host for multi-center research studies. REDCap is available to researchers through institutional licenses that are present at most centers. In addition, new Multi-center studies approved by the MITC will be required to utilize a common data set and data dictionary to support the use of combined data sets to address other research questions in the future.

    Please be on the look-out for these recently approved Multi-center studies and consider adding your data to address these important issues in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.

    Intimate Partner Violence in the Elderly.  Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant public health issue that often goes unrecognized. This new MIT will implement screening and documentation of IPV in the elderly trauma patient to establish current baseline rates of IPV in the geriatric trauma patient.  These data will be important as future interventions are developed to limit IPV in this high-risk population. This study is sponsored by the Geriatric Trauma / ACS Committee.  Please contact the principal investigators, Dr. D’Andrea Joseph (d’andrea.joseph@nyulangone.org) and Dr. Rosemary Kozar (rkozar@umm.edu), to include your Trauma Center in this study.

    ICU Delirium: A Prospective Multi-center Evaluation of Geriatric Trauma and Surgical Patients.  Delirium is an area in which data specific to surgical patients are lacking based on the recent AAST Critical Care Committee Research Agenda. This study, supported by the Critical Care Committee, will determine risk factors for delirium in elderly surgical and trauma patients and identify best practices for prevention of delirium in this patient population.  Reach out to principal investigator Dr. Karen Brasel (Brasel@ohsu.edu) to participate in this Surgical ICU study.

    Early vs. Delayed Fasciotomy Following Extremity Trauma. Do early fasciotomies following operative extremity trauma increase limb salvage and improved outcomes?  Contact Jane Keating (Jane.Keating@Pennmedicine.upenn.edu) and Mark Seamon (mark.seamon@pennmedicine.upenn.edu) to participate.

    For more information on all of the studies that are currently open, visit the Research page on the AAST website.  Please contact MITC Chair, Dr. Todd Costantini (tcostantini@health.ucsd.edu) or MITC Vice-Chairs, Dr. Jose Pascual (Jose.Pascual@uphs.upenn.edu) and Dr. Hasan Alam (alamh@med.umich.edu) with any questions.

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