• ACS Committee Members


    Clay Cothren Burlew, MD, Chair* (2020)
    Stephanie Savage, MD, Vice-Chair (2020)

    A. Britton Christmas (2020)
    Alexander Colonna (2021)
    Alicia Mohr (2020)
    Brandy Padilla-Jones (2022)
    Christopher Dente (2020)
    D'Andrea Joseph (2020)
    Daniel Yeh (2020)
    Eric Toschlog (2020)
    Jennifer Knight (2021)
    Joseph Galante (2023)
    Marc de Moya (2020)
    Nancy Parks (2021)
    Nathan Mowery (2020)
    Neil Parry (2021)
    Nicole Stassen (2021)
    Patrick Murphy (2022)
    Paula Ferrada (2021)
    Preston Miller (2023)
    Susan Rowell (2021)
    Thaddeus Puzio (2022)

    John Fildes, MD, Program Directors Committee Chair* (2021)
    Raul Coimbra, MD, Ex-Officio (2020)
    Marc de Moya, MD, International Relations Committee Liaison (2020)


    * Executive Committee of the ACS Committee Standing Committees

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