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  • Winter Member News

    Dr. Adrian Maung

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    In the News Section of the Cutting Edge, we highlight some of the professional and personal updates on AAST members.

    • Rochelle Dicker was awarded the National Safety Council Award for Service to Safety for her commitment to firearm injury prevention and support for victims of firearm violence including leading the development of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs across the U.S. and for developing initiatives to address the social determinants of violence.
    • Dany Westerband received the Advanced Trauma Life Support® (ATLS®) International Meritorious Award for his outstanding commitment to equalizing access to trauma education and improved patient care internationally, across diverse environments
    • Travis Polk received the ATLS Styner Award for his outstanding commitment to strengthening the foundation of ATLS trauma education principles and expanding the reach of the program to improve patient outcomes

    If you have an update on an AAST member that you would like to highlight in the Cutting Edge Newsletter, please send us the info at

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