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  • Grant Proposal Mentorship Program

  • Mission

    To provide AAST members with access to research grant proposal critiques from experienced, funded researchers to provide research mentorship and to increase grant funding obtained by members of AAST.

    Submission Requirements

    • Proposal- 2 Page Maximum
      • Title
      • Grant Agency Applying to / Anticipated Submission Date
      • Project Summary/Abstract (NIH format, 30 lines)
      • Innovation
      • Specific Aims Page


    • Send written proposal in single word document to MITC Chair- Todd Costantini
    • Proposal will be sent to reviewer with expertise in the field of proposed project
    • Reviewer will provide a written critique of the proposal to discuss strength/weaknesses and opportunities for improvement

    Grant Proposal Mentorship Committee



    Todd Costantini- UC San Diego

    Elliott Haut- Johns Hopkins

    Hasan Alam- U Michigan

    Kristan Staudenmayer- Stanford 

    Tim Pritts- U Cincinnati

    Ben Zarzaur- U Wisconsin

    Carrie Simms- U Penn

    Ram Nirula- U Utah

    Macky Neal- U Pittsburgh

    Angie Ingraham- U Wisconsin

    Mike Goodman- U Cincinnati

    Zara Cooper- BWH

    Sam Arbabi- U Washington

    David Livingston- Rutgers

    Rosemary Kozar- U Maryland

    Karen Brasel- OHSU

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