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  • Studies in Development

  • The studies below have been reviewed and approved by the AAST Multi-Institutional Trials Committee. These studies are in the development phase and have not yet begun enrolling patients. If you are interested in participating in these studies, please contact the Principal Investigator for additional information.

    Antibiotics for Non-op Facial Fracture

    Principal Investigators: 
    Michael Truitt, M.D. 

    Cholecystostomy Tube Drainage

    Principal Investigators: 
    Spaniolas, Yeh, Arrington 

    Geriatric ICU Delirium

    Principal Investigators: 
    Karen J. Brasel, M.D., M.P.H.

    Geriatric Nutrition

    Principal Investigators: 
    Tyler Putnam, M.D.
    Sasha Adams, M.D. 

    REBOA in PPH

    Principal Investigators: 
    Brenner, Moore

    VTE prophylaxis in blunt solid organ injury

    Principal Investigators: 
    Morgan Schellenberg, M.D.
    Kenji Inaba, M.D.

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