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    American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST)
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    Sharon Gautschy
    Executive Director 
    Direct: (312) 202-5252
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    Committee Liaison:
    Critical Care Committee
    Disaster Committee
    Healthcare Economics
    Journals Oversight Committee
    Nominating Committee
    Program Committee
    Reimbursement/Coding Committee
    WTC 2018 Ad Hoc Committee

    Karla Stuecker
    Senior Meeting Planner 
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    Bridget McLaughlin Lindbloom
    ACS Committee Liaison
    Direct: (800) 789-4006
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    Committee Liaison:
    Acute Care Surgery Committee
    ACS Program Directors Committee

    Jermica Smith
    Program Manager
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    Committee Liaison:
    Geriatric Trauma Committee
    Membership Committee
    Multi-Institutional Trials Committee
    Publications and Communications Committee
    Scholarship and Awards Committee

    Rachel Sass
    Education Manager
    Direct (312) 202-5792
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    Committee Liaison:
    Critical Care Commmittee
    Disaster Committee
    Education Committee

    Brea Sanders
    Program Coordinator
    Direct (312) 202-5554
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    Committee Liaison:
    International Relations Committee
    Military Liaison Committee
    Patient Assessment Committee
    Pediatriac Trauma Surgery Committee
    Prevention Committee
    Research and Education Restricted Fund Committee