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  • What does the ACS fellowship include?
    The fellowship includes the ACGME approved Surgical Critical Care Residency and elements of ACS and Trauma as outlined in the ACS curriculum.

    How do I apply?
    Download the ACS Program Requirements  and the Program Information Form or contact the AAST office via email, or by phone at 312-202-5252.

    Do I need to have a fully accredited ACGME Surgical Critical Care (SCC) residency program in place before I apply for the ACS Fellowship?
    Yes. The SCC residency program is an essential requirement for the ACS Fellowship program. But, the ACS Fellowship Inspection Committee is willing to consider your ACS Fellowship application if your ACGME SCC residency program information form has been completed and a site visit is pending.

    Is every ACS program the same?
    No.  Although the elements of the core curriculum should be the same for all programs, there is considerable latitude as to how the program uses the elective/suggested rotation time.  Further, there should be specific objectives for each rotation.

    Is there an ACS match?
    No.  All program directors and applicants should register through the NRMP for the Surgical Critical Care match.  The applicant may apply for a one-year SCC slot or a two-year slot which comprises the 9 months of SCC, 3 months of electives and the remaining 12 months for the ACS Program.

    After I complete the PIF, then what?
    The application is reviewed by a panel of site surveyors to ensure that it is complete and that requirements are met.  After this, the surveyors will contact you to set up a mutually agreeable time for a site survey.

    What should I expect during the survey?
    The site survey will be conducted by two site surveyors (members of the AAST ACS Committee) who will arrive the day before the site survey is conducted.  A dinner meeting will be scheduled for that evening and the site survey will be conducted the next day.

    A more detailed outline of what to expect at the site survey, who should attend, and what materials should be available will be made provided to the Program Director at least one month prior to the inspection date.

    How much does the site survey cost?
    For new programs, the initial site visit fee is $8,000.
    Programs going through the reapproval process will have a $6,000 site visit fee.
    Some programs may qualify for an electronic site visit which comes with a site visit fee of $3,000.

    Site visit fees cover most of the expenses of the surveyors and administration fees.

    What if our program fails the inspection?
    The site surveyors carefully review each application so only those programs deemed likely to pass will be inspected.  Hence, major deficiencies or problems noted by the reviewers are conveyed to the Program Director prior to the in-person site review.  If, however, the site surveyors find major deficiencies during the site visit, they will provide a detailed report citing these deficiencies along with suggestions to correct them.  The surveyors have considerable latitude relative to corrective action, re-inspection, and program approval.

    Must I use the evaluation forms posted on the web site?
    No. The evaluation forms are provided for your interest and assistance. You may choose to use them or modify them as you think appropriate for your program. Also, you may choose to develop your own evaluation tools.

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