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  • Emergency Surgery Course

  • The ESC® (joint collaboration between ESTES and AAST) aims to aid surgeons in non-trauma emergency surgery by providing the know-how and the decision-making skills necessary for daily practice. The course consists of theoretical sessions, case scenarios and state-of-the-art videos. The course is especially designed in an interactive format from the beginning until the end. 

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    The course is divided into two parts: 

    • The first consists of several theoretical, didactic sessions designed to provide the basic steps for adequate and timely diagnostic and decision-making
    • The second, video-based, designed to provide tips and tricks to improve the skills of the general surgeon to deal with surgical emergencies. 

    In sum, the ESC has the following goals: 

    • Confront surgeons with every day and problematic emergency scenarios 
    • Provide concrete answers and guidelines for questions emerging from these situations 
    • Hone the decision-making skills necessary to manage pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative issues 

    We provide two days of emergency surgery education that include: 

    • Breakout sessions 
    • Case discussions 
    • Topic reviews 
    • Etc. 

    Topics include but are not limited to:

    • Abdominal sepsis 
    • Bowel obstruction 
    • Colorectal emergencies 
    • Acute cholecystitis 
    • Obstetric emergencies 
    • Etc.

    In 2023, the Emergency Surgery Course is offering five virtual courses that will hit all "coasts." Students are more than welcome to sign up for any course that they wish - keep in mind of the time zones. 

    • September 18/19, Pacific Standard Time (registration is open - click here.  You can register for this course in--person or virtual.  You register through the AAST Annual Meeting registration system.  Attendance at the Annual Meeting is not required to attend the course.)
    • November 10/11, Eastern Standard Time. Register here

    Past Emergency Surgery Courses:

    • Humanitas University, Milan, Italy, February 1st and 2nd
    • Jacobi Medical Center, New York City Health and Hospitals, New York, NY, December 3rd and 4th
    • R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, Baltimore, MD, December 5th and 6th
    • R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, Baltimore, MD, April 5th and 6th
    • University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, June 21st and 22nd
    • The AAST Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, September 16th and 17th 
    • The AAST Annual Meeting, Virtual, September 26th and 27th 
    • ESTES Annual Meeting, Virtual, May 8th and 9th
    • Mountain Standard Time, Virtual, May 14th and 15th
    • September 8/9th - hybrid (virtual and in-person) in Messina, Italy 
    • September 27/28th - in person at the AAST meeting in Atlanta, GA.
    • East Coast Time, Virtual, November 12/13th 
    • East Coast Time, Virtual, January 28th/29th

    Please visit this page periodically to view the latest ESC locations, or email to be added to our information distribution list for updates regarding this course. 

    Interested in holding an ESC at your institution? Contact for more details!

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