• 79th Annual Meeting Awards Presentation

    Canizaro Award

    Trauma Bay Virtual Reality – A Game Changer for ATLS Instruction and Assessment

    Alexander Colonna, MD, MSCI
    University of Utah

    Critical Care Award

    Rectal Delivery of Oxygen Microbubbles Augments Systemic Oxygenation in Porcine Model of Smoke Inhalation-induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Keely Buesing, MD
    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Associate Member Oral and Paper Award

    A Pseudo-dilemma:  Are We Over-diagnosing and Over-Treating Traumatic Splenic Intraparenchymal Pseudoaneurysms?

    Sydney Radding, MD
    University of Maryland, Shock Trauma Center

    Resident Awards

    First Place

    Extrathoracic Polytrauma Dysregulates Neutrophil Function and Exacerbates Pneumonia-Induced Lung Injury

    Christina Zhang, MD
    SUNY Downstate

    Second Place

    Prolonged Metabolic Alterations Characterize Persistent Inflammation

    Dara Horn, MD
    University of Washington

    Third Place

    Will Trauma Systems Work For EGS?  Quantifying Geographic Proximity Between Lower and Higher Performing Emergency General Surgery Hospitals

    Michael DeWane, MD
    Yale University

    International Paper Award

    The Expression of Repulsive Guidance Molecule A (RGMA) After Traumatic Brain Injury: The Time-Course Gene Expression Changes in the Murine-Controlled Cortical Impact Model

    Eri Uemura, MD
    Nagasaki University Hospital Acute & Critical Care Center

    Michael DeWane, MD
    Yale University

    Associate Member Awards

    Best Quickshot

    Christina Riojas, MD, Associate Member – Jr. Faculty





    Best Poster

    Elinore Kaufman, MD, Associate Member – Jr. Faculty

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