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  • International Fellows

  • To qualify, the following must be met:

    • Fellowship in the American College of Surgeons (ACS) or equivalent
    • Successful completion of an ACS Committee on Trauma ATLS Course
    • Attendance at an AAST Annual Meeting either prior to applying or the year after being voted into membership
    • Sponsorship by an AAST member, and one letter of recommendation by a doctor in the field of Acute Care Surgery

    Membership applications will be assessed for leadership in relevant professional organizations, research productivity, educational involvement, and service to the community. Successful applicants may demonstrate commitment in any of the components of Acute Care Surgery. Examples of this commitment are noted below.


    • Demonstration of leadership positions including committee chairs of international organizations, local or regional leadership in the trauma system or quality improvement activities in your local, regional or country, leadership in the hospital or university


    • Publications in peer reviewed journals of scholarly work
    • Grant funding to support research activities
    • Participation in Multi-institutional trials


    • Engaged in teaching courses relevant to Acute Care Surgery
    • Program Director for surgical fellowships
    • Local, Regional, and National presentations
    • Participation in Best practice guideline development


    • Military service, active or reserves
    • Stop the Bleed or Injury prevention activities in the community
    • Relevant Institutional committee participation
    • Committee participation in national organizations

    Special Considerations:

    For surgeons from LMIC's, please see below the criteria:

    The International Relations Committee recognizes that surgeons from LMICs may not have the same opportunities for fellowship, leadership, education, and scholarship as our HIC International colleagues. We have therefore been approved by the Membership Committee to add the following considerations:

    • Equivalent Fellowship standing in their national or continental surgical board if available
    • Leadership roles in local, district, or regional vs national organizations
    • Involvement in Regional WHO or Ministry of Health
    • One LOR from a AAST member (Sponsor)
    • Two letters from their own institution/WHO or regional/national surgical leader (Endorser)
    • Attended AAST in last 5 years or engaged in clinical or scholarly activities with AAST members
    • Will attend the AAST meeting if feasible in which they will be awarded their membership

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