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    (Donations received January 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020)

    Dr. Nikhilesh Agarwal Dr. Wendy Greene Dr. Grant O’Keefe
    Dr. John Armstrong Dr. Jennifer Gurney Dr. Keith O’Malley
    Dr. Philip Barie Dr. Brian Harbrecht Dr. Frank Padberg, Jr.
    Dr. Andrew Bernard Dr. Michael Hirsh Dr. Andrew Peitzman
    Dr. Tracy Bilski Dr. Mark Hoofnagle Dr. Ruben Peralta
    Dr. Thomas Broadie Dr. D’Andrea Joseph Dr. John Pickhardt
    Dr. Damien Carter Dr. Christoph Kaufmann Dr. Timothy Pritts
    Dr. Alison Combs Dr. Edward Kelly Dr. Martin Robson
    Dr. Martin Croce Dr. Donald Klotz, Jr. Dr. Susan Rowell
    Dr. Kimberly Davis Dr. Brian Leininger Dr. David Skarupa
    Dr. Daniel Dent Dr. Stefano Magnone Dr. Burke Thompson
    Dr. Jody DiGiacomo Dr. Michael Metzler Dr. Gregory Timberlake
    Dr. Jay Doucet Dr. Andrew Mikulaschek Dr. Christine Trankiem
    Dr. Timothy Fabian Dr. Joseph Minei Dr. Wendy Wahl
    Dr. Mary Fallat Dr. Michael Moncure Dr. Raymond Wedderburn
    Dr. Stephen Flaherty Dr. Matthew Moorman Dr. Mihae Yu
    Dr. Adam Fox Dr. Chet Morrison
    Dr. Fernando Garcia Dr. Richard Mullins
    Ms. Sharon Gautschy Dr. Pål Næss
    Dr. Amy Goldberg Dr. Timoty Novosel


    (As of September 18, 2020 at 5:00 PM CDT)

    Dr. Suresh Agarwal Dr. Kirby Gross
    Dr. Tanya Anand Dr. Sharon Henry
    Dr. John Armstrong Dr. Gregory Jurkovich
    Dr. Robert Barraco Dr. Dimitriy Karev
    Dr. James Betts Dr. Krista Kaups
    Dr. Maggie Brandt Dr. Jeffrey Kerby
    Dr. Eileen Bulger Dr. Jeanne Lee
    Dr. Clay Cothren Burlew Dr. Jason Lees
    Dr. Rachel Callcut Dr. Brian Leininger
    Dr. Jeannette Capella Dr. David Livingston
    Dr. William Cioffi Dr. Lawrence Lottenberg
    Dr. Raul Coimbra Dr. Ajai Malhotra
    Dr. Julia Coleman Dr. Christopher Michetti
    Dr. Todd Costantini Dr. Raminder Nirula
    Dr. Michael Cripps Dr. Nancy Parks
    Dr. Joseph Cuschieri Dr. A. Tyler Putnam
    Dr. Omar Danner Dr. Patrick Reilly
    Dr. Kimberly Davis Dr. Michael Rotondo
    Dr. Jody DiGiacomo Dr. Thomas Schroeppel
    Dr. Christine Eme Dr. David Spain
    Dr. Thomas Esposito Dr. John Steele
    Dr. Barbara Gaines Dr. Christine Toevs
    Dr. Fernando Garcia Dr. Gail Tominaga
    Dr. Sharon Gautschy Dr. Philbert Van
    Dr. Galina Glinik Dr. Robert Winchell
    Dr. Laura Godat

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