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  • Past Presidents

  • Year
    Annual Meeting Location
    2022 Chicago, IL David H. Livingston, MD
    2021 Atlanta, GA David A. Spain, MD
    2020 Virtual Meeting David A. Spain, MD
    2019 Dallas, TX Martin A. Croce, MD
    2018 San Diego, CA Michael F. Rotondo, MD
    2017 Baltimore, MD Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD
    2016 Waikoloa, HI Grace S. Rozycki, MD, MBA
    2015 Las Vegas, NV Thomas M. Scalea, MD
    2014 Philadelphia, PA William G. Cioffi, MD
    2013 San Francisco, CA Robert C. Mackersie, MD
    2012 Kauai, HI J. Wayne Meredith, MD
    2011 Chicago, IL L.D. Britt, MD, MPH
    2010 Boston, MA Andrew B. Peitzman, MD
    2009 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Gregory "Jerry" Jurkovich, MD
    2008  Maui, Hawaii Timothy C. Fabian, MD
    2007 Las Vegas, Nevada David V. Feliciano, MD
    2006 New Orleans, Louisiana C. William Schwab, MD
    2005 Atlanta, Georgia Steven R. Shackford, MD
    2004 Maui, Hawaii H. Gill Cryer, MD, Ph.D
    2003 Minneapolis, Minnesota David B. Hoyt, MD
    2002 Orlando, Florida Ronald V. Maier, MD
    2001 No Meeting Due to 9/11 Ronald V. Maier, MD
    2000 San Antonio, Texas Frank R. Lewis, MD
    1999 Boston, Massachusetts J. David Richardson, MD
    1998 Baltimore, Maryland Anna M. Ledgerwood, MD
    1997 Waikoloa, Hawaii Anthony A. Meyer, MD, Ph.D
    1996 Houston, Texas Kenneth L. Mattox, MD
    1995 Nova Scotia, Canada Cleon W. Goodwin, MD
    1994 San Diego, California Ernest E. Moore, Jr., MD
    1993 New Orleans, Louisiana C. James Carrico, MD
    1992 Louisville, Kentucky Lewis M. Flint, MD
    1991 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania F. William Blaisdell, MD
    1990 Tucson, Arizona P. William Curreri, MD
    1989 Chicago, Illinois H. David Root, MD
    1988 Orange County, California Donald S. Gann, MD
    1987 Montreal, Canada Donald D. Trunkey, MD
    1986 Honolulu, Hawaii Francis C. Nance, MD
    1985 Boston, Massachusetts David S. Mulder, MD
    1984 New Orleans, Louisiana George F. Sheldon, MD
    1983 Chicago, Illinois Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., MD
    1982 Colorado Springs, Colorado Robert J. Freeark, MD
    1981 Hot Springs, Virginia Charles R. Baxter, MD
    1980 Phoenix, Arizona Leonard F. Peltier, MD
    1979 Chicago, Illinois Roger Sherman, MD
    1978 Lake Tahoe, Nevada William R. Drucker, MD
    1977 Detroit, Michigan Alexander J. Walt, MD
    1976 Colorado Springs, Colorado Joseph D. Farrington, MD
    1975 Scottsdale, Arizona John H. Davis
    1974 Hot Springs, Virginia John A. Moncrief, MD
    1973 Chicago, Illinois Crawford Campbell, MD
    1972 San Francisco, California Moore Moore, Jr., MD
    1971 New York City, New York Curtis P. Artz, MD
    1970 Chicago, Illinois Sawnie R. Gaston, MD
    1969 Portland, Oregon John E. Raaf, MD
    1968 Montreal, Canada Fraser N. Gurd, MD
    1967 Chicago, Illinois Edwin F. Cave, MD
    1966 Santa Barbara, California Raymond Householder, MD
    1965 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania William T. Fitts, Jr., MD
    1964 Chicago, Illinois Rudolph J. Noer, MD
    1963 San Francisco, California Oscar P. Hampton, Jr., MD
    1962 Hot Springs, Virginia Preston A. Wade, MD
    1961 Chicago, Illinois Harrison L. McLaughlin, MD
    1960 Coronado, California James K. Stack, MD
    1959 Bretton Woods, New Hampshire Truman G. Blocker, MD
    1958 Chicago, Illinois W.L. Estes, Jr., MD
    1957 Hot Springs, Virginia Charles G. Johnston, MD
    1956 Santa Barbara, California Warren H. Cole, MD
    1955 Chicago, Illinois Robert H. Kennedy, MD
    1954 Atlantic City, New Jersey Eslie Asbury, MD
    1953 Chicago, Illinois Martin C. Lindem, MD
    1952 New York City, New York Arthur R. Metz, MD
    1951 Montreal, Canada R. Arnold Griswold, MD
    1950 Salt Lake City, Utah Gordon M. Morrison, MD
    1949 Atlantic City, New Jersey Paul B. Magnuson, MD
    1948 Chicago, Illinois Casper F. Hegner, MD
    1947 Atlantic City, New Jersey Ralph G. Carothers, MD
    1946 San Antonio, Texas Grover C. Penberthy, MD
    1945 No Meeting Due to War Charles S. Venable, MD
    1944 Chicago, Illinois Charles S. Venable, MD
    1943 No Meeting Due to War Henry C. Marble, MD
    1942 Boston, Massachusetts Henry C. Marble, MD
    1941 Montreal Canada Fraser N. Gurd, MD
    1940 Atlantic City, New Jersey Edgar L. Gilcreest, MD
    1939 Hot Springs, Virginia Kellogg Speed, MD

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