• Thank you to everyone who made the 5th World Trauma Congress a success!

    The 5th WTC was held virtually from February 14-18, 2021.

    Did you miss the live sessions? Not to worry- all content is archived until May 31st to view at your convince. Below are instructions on how to register!

    The goals of the WCTC are:

    1. To increase awareness of the importance of trauma as a disease worldwide
    2. Trauma Education at all levels worldwide
    3. Development of trauma systems worldwide
    4. Continuation of the World Trauma Congress

    We can only accomplish those goals at a global level if we stay together as a group of people and powerful professional organizations and start implementing change worldwide. Our organizations (and their members) have the opportunity to exert international influence, help less developed nations to improve care by means of better education and knowledge, critical thinking towards systems development, data collection (trauma registries and injury surveillance), and implementation of quality improvement processes.

    Get Ready for the 6th World Trauma Congress!

    Save the Date!

    September 7th-10th

    Tokyo, Japan

    Stay tuned for additional information!

    If you have questions about the 6th World Trauma Congress, please contact AAST at aast@aast.org or 800-789-4006.  

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