• AAST Associate Member

  • Associate membership is open to surgical residents, fellows, and junior faculty.** Applications will be reviewed for commitment to the field of Acute Care Surgery and sponsorship by a current AAST fellow (sponsorship letter required). Applicants will be required to submit an essay outlining their interest in the field and 2 letters of recommendation. To remain active, associate members must apply for membership as AAST fellows if they are beyond 5 years from achieving FACS status.

    Participation as an Associate Fellow will be looked upon favorably by the membership committee in evaluating applications for AAST Fellows, but will not guarantee acceptance.


    Applications are accepted ONLINE only. Deadline for membership application is July 1.

     ** Junior faculty who qualify are those just out of fellowship until 5 years after achieving fellowship in the American College of Surgeons.  After that time the associate member would be required to apply as an Active Fellow in AAST. 


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