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    Sharon Gautschy
    Executive Director

    Direct: (312) 202-5252

    Committee Liaison:

    • Executive Committee
    • Ad Hoc Healthcare Economics Ad Hoc Committee
    • Ad Hoc Journals Oversight Committee
    • Ad Hoc Palliative Care Committee
    • Nominating Committee

    Jermica Smith
    Senior Manager, Operations and Member Services

    Direct: (312) 202-5553

    Committee Liaison:

    • Geriatric Trauma/ACS Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Multi-Institutional Trials Committee
    • Scholarship, Awards, and Development Committee

    Rachel Sass
    Education Manager

    Direct: (312) 202-5792

    Committee Liaison:

    • Critical Care Committee
    • Disaster Committee
    • Education Development Committee
    • Program Committee
    • Trauma Guidelines Repository Work Group with ACS-COT
    • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Committee
    • Emergency Surgery Course Steering Committee

    Brea Sanders
    Member Services Associate, Administrator, Associate Member Council

    Direct: (312) 202-5554

    Committee Liaison:

    • Associate Member Council
    • Communications and Social Media Committee
    • International Relations Committee
    • Patient Assessment Committee
    • Research and Education Fund Committee
    • Manages all AAST Associate Social Media Accounts

    Afia Jones
    Member Services, Education Coordinator

    Direct: (312) 202-5750

    Committee Liaison:

    • Injury Prevention Committee
    • Military Liaison Committee
    • Pediatric Trauma Surgery Committee

    Bridget McLaughlin Lindbloom
    ACS Committee Liaison

    Direct: (800) 789-4006

    Committee Liaison:

    • Acute Care Surgery Committee
    • ACS Program Directors Committee

    Erin Lillis
    Design Coordinator


    • Manages all AAST Social Media Accounts
    • JTACS Social Media and Website
    • Manages all AAST Marketing
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    633 N Saint Clair St
    Suite 2600
    Chicago, IL 60611

    (800) 789-4006
    (312) 202-5064 Fax

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