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  • AAST Disaster Committee Survey: Violence in the Trauma Center 

    The “Violence in the Trauma Center” survey is a survey of AAST 2024 members and associate members by the AAST Disaster Committee. Several sources report a significant increase of hospital violence cases since 2019, including verbal abuse, assault, stalking and murder of team members.  These include murders of 4 surgeons at work since 2015. 

    There is a significant gap in knowledge and very little literature on the rates and types of violence against healthcare workers in trauma centers.  Under-reporting of events appears to be common.  The objectives of the survey are to obtain a sample of the experience of AAST members and associate members with violence events against team members in the trauma center, prevalence of events, nature of attacks, and protective measures in place. 

    The survey is IRB approved by the University of California San Diego. A random prize drawing for an iPad will be made for interested survey takers. 

    The results of the survey are intended to be submitted for peer-review publication, to inform a possible Statement by the AAST, to be available on the AAST website and social media, and to inform policy and advocacy efforts.  

    Follow this link to participate:

     Thank you for sharing your insight.


    Jay Doucet MD, Adam Fox DO, and Amy Liepert MD

    on Behalf of the AAST Disaster Committee

    Expiration Date: July 3, 2024

  • How to Survey the AAST Membership

    Survey Design and Reporting:  To uphold survey standards and the likelihood of peer-reviewed publication, we now require that surveys are designed in keeping with the EQUATOR CHERRIES Checklist.  The submissions system has been designed with this in mind.  The CHERRIES Checklist is open access and can be found here:

    Submission Deadlines:  Ten survey applications are accepted each quarter, considered on a first-come-first-serve basis.  The deadlines for quarterly review are the 15th of January/April/July/October.  Surveys submitted outside of the first 10 applications will be rolled over to the next quarter.  Survey authors will be updated on the status of their submissions by the subcommittee.

    Survey Review and Selection Process: To minimize survey fatigue, we aim to circulate 6 surveys a year. All submitted survey applications will be reviewed using a standardized scoring process by the Surveys Subcommittee.  The top scoring survey will be selected for publication.  Surveys not selected in a given quarter maybe 1) held for publication the following cycle, 2) returned for revision, or 3) declined.  Authors will be updated on the status of their survey with feedback. 

    Survey Publication Timeline: Selected surveys will be published during the corresponding quarter on the first Monday of March/June/September/December.

    Additional Notes:

    • Survey recruitments are sent as separate emails two weeks apart (a total of two emails) and embedded in the weekly/monthly newsletter.
    • The survey will be featured on this page until the end of the recruitment period requested by the primary investigator.
    • Surveys created by the AAST Committees and the Board of Managers will be given priority.
    • For any questions, please e-mail

    Submit Your Survey

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