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  • The AAST is dedicated to discovery, dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of knowledge related to acute care surgery (trauma, surgical critical care, and emergency general surgery) by fostering research, education, and professional development in an environment of fellowship and collegiality. A major goal of the AAST is to provide research scholarships each year to young investigators to further trauma research and scholarships for Medical Students, Residents, and In-Training Fellows to attend the AAST Annual Meetings. 

    All scholarship applications can be found here.  If you have questions or need assistance during the application process please contact us at (800) 789-4006 or jsmith@aast.org


    Annual meeting scholarships are available for medical students, residents, and in-training fellows. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage young investigators to become a part of the AAST community, network with leading trauma surgeons, and engage in the cutting edge program at the Annual Meeting. The scholarship includes 4 Nights Hotel, Meeting Registration, and a $200 per diem. Air Fare is not included and is the responsibility of the Scholarship Recipient. 

    Applications must be filled out electronically by June 1, 2021.

    Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the application: 

    • All scholarship recipients must arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday, September 28, 2020
    • Applications not completed correctly, incomplete, or late will be disqualified.
    • Only electronic applications will be accepted.
    • Scholarship recipients are required to attend the entire AAST Meeting in Atlanta, GA, and all required social events from Tuesday, September 28th to Saturday, October 02nd.


    The purpose of the AAST research scholarships is to solicit research applications from early-career investigators proposing basic science, translational, or clinical studies to advance trauma, surgical critical care, and emergency general surgery care. AAST scholarships are intended to provide funding for early investigators to complete a research project, which will serve as the basis for future grant applications and to launch the applicants’ academic careers.

    Priority will be given to clinical, translational, and basic sciences (mechanistic) research proposals that are commensurate and in line with the AAST’s strategic goals and initiatives.  The research strategic goals can be found in other areas of the AAST website as well as JTACS 2020;88:320. Pilot projects, projects seeking exclusively preliminary data, or “proof of concept” projects will only be considered if the applicant provides a sound scientific foundation for the proposal. Projects centered on Global Surgery/Trauma will only be considered if they are found to be of sufficient merit and are scientifically sound.

    The deadline for the AAST Research Scholarship is 11:59 PM (all US time zones), February 1, 2021. You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt of your completed application.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, please email jsmith@aast.org - use “Scholarship Application Confirmation” as your subject line. 

    Please note: All applicants must be available for web/phone interviews in April 2021. Awardees must attend the 2021 and 2022 AAST Annual Meetings. 

    The application includes: 

    1. Cover letter
    2. Application
    3. Three Letters of Recommendation
    4. NIH Bio Sketches for each investigator (including the PI)
    5. Photo

    Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the application:

    • An application MUST NOT exceed 25 pages.
    • All applications must be submitted online.
    • Applications not completed correctly, incomplete, or late will be disqualified.
    • Research Proposal MUST fit in the allotted space according to their headings
    • A brief summary of the research proposal including the application of anticipated results.
    • A detailed description of the research plan including specific experimental design and statistical assays. Information should be sufficiently detailed to allow reviewers to Evaluate Feasibility, Validity, Budget, etc.
    • Significance of research.  Include a brief discussion of anticipated results and how the information will affect the field in question.
    • Pertinent Bibliography
    • Detailed Budget

    All Recommendation and cover letters MUST be addressed to:

    AAST Secretary-Treasurer

    American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST)
    633 N. Saint Clair Street, Suite 2600
    Chicago, IL 60611


    For eligibility requirements, and how to apply, please visit the Health Policy Scholarship page.  

    Applications are due March 17, 2021.

    Questions may be directed to the ACS Scholarships Administrator at 312-202-5281. 




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