• Leadership

  • 2020 - 2021 AAST Board of Managers 



    David Spain, MD
    Stanford University Medical Center
    Stanford, CA


    David Livingston, MD
    Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School
    Newark, NJ



    Mary Fallat, MD
    Norton Children's Hospital
    Louisville, KY


    Kimberly Davis, MD, MBA
    Yale School of Medicine
    New Haven, CT

    Recorder/ Program Chairman

    Patrick Reilly, MD
    Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
    Philadelphia, PA

    Immediate Past President

    Martin Croce, MD
    University of Tennessee Health Science Center
    Memphis, TN

    Past-President (2017-2018)

    Michael Rotondo, MD
    University of Rochester Medical Center
    Rochester, NY

    Past-President (2016-2017)

    Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD
    Riverside University Health System
    San Diego, CA

    Manager-at-Large (2022)

    Ajai Malhotra, MD, MSc, MBBS
    UVM Medical Center
    Burlington, VT

    Manager-at-Large (2021)

    Robert Winchell, MD
    New York-Presbyterian Weil Cornell Medical Center
    New York, NY

    Manager-at-Large (2020)

    Sharon Henry, MD
    University of Maryland/R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma
    Baltimore, MD

    Acute Care Surgery Manager-at-Large (2020)

    Clay Cothren Burlew, MD
    Denver Health Medical Center
    Denver, CO

    Critical Care Manager-at-Large (2022)

    Christopher Michetti, MD
    Inova Fairfax Hospital
    Annandale, VA




    Representatives 2020-2021

    Representative to the American Board of Surgery

    Amy Goldberg, M.D. (2018–2024)
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Representative to the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons

    Preston R. Miller, MD (2019-2025)
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD (2018-2024)
    San Diego, California

    Representative to the General Surgery Advisory Council for the American College of Surgeons

    Daniel Dent, M.D. (2019–2025)
    San Antonio, Texas

    The ABS Trauma, Burns Critical Care Component Board

    Joseph P. Minei, M.D., M.B.A (2016–2022)
    Dallas, Texas

    Kimberly A. Davis, M.D., M.B.A. (2018–2024)
    New Haven, Connecticut

    Representative to the World Health Organization

    Raul Coimbra, M.D., Ph.D. (2012–2021)
    San Diego, California

    Representative to the Pediatric Critical Care and Trauma Scientist Development Program NICHD Funded K12

    Kennith Sartorelli, M.D. (2017-2021)
    Burlington, Vermont

    Representative to the World Trauma Congress 2021

    David A. Spain, MD (2021)
    Stanford, California

    Karen J. Brasel, MD, MPH (2021)
    Portland, Oregon

    Representative to American College of Radiology (ACR) committee on Appropriateness Criteria

    Spine Trauma-Child

    Lillian Kao, MD, MS (2021)
    Houston, Texas

    Chest Wall Pain

    Sarah Majercik, MD, MBA (2021)
    Murray, Utah


    Elizabeth Benjamin, MD, PhD (2021)
    Los Angeles, California

    Representatives to Coalition For National Trauma Research (CNTR)

    Raminder Nirula, MD, MPH(2020-2023)
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Rachael Callcut, MD(2020-2022)
    Sacramento, California

    CNTR Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
    Michaela West, MD, PhD (2021-2024)
    Robbinsdale, MN

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