• Associate Member Council (AMC)

    Each elected official's original statement/bio sketch is linked to their name.


    Dr. Lisa Marie Knowlton

    Associate - Jr. Faculty
    Assistant Professor of Surgery
    Stanford University Medical Center


    Dr. Ryan Dumas

    Associate - Jr. Faculty
    Assistant Professor
    UTSW Medical Center


    Dr. Linda Dultz

    Associate - Jr. Faculty
    Assistant Professor of Surgery
    UT Southwestern Medical Center


    Dr. Matt Stickland

    Associate - Jr. Faculty


    Research/Education Councilor
    Dr. Jonathan Meizoso

    Associate - ACS Fellow 
    Fellow - Surgical Critical Care, Trauma, and Acute Care Surgery 
    University of Colorado

    Scholarship/Development Councilor
    Dr. William Butler
    Associate - Jr. Faculty
    Navy Medical Center San Diego

    Communication/Social Media Councilor
    Dr. Brittany Bankhead-Kendall
    Associate - Jr. Faculty
    Assistant Professor of Surgery, Trauma/Acute Surgical Care
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

    Committee Chairs

    Dr. Navpreet Dhillon
    Associate - Resident
    Resident Physician
    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

    Scholarship, Awards, and Development
    Dr. Kovi Bessoff
    Associate - Resident
    Resident Physician

    Communications & Social Media
    Dr. Julia Coleman
    Associate - Resident
    Resident Physician

    Associate Communications Committee

    Note: Listed below are the 2020-2021 AAST Associate Member Communications Committee

    Alexandra Briggs, MD
    Brittany Bankhead-Kendall, MD
    Frank Wood, MD
    Jane Keating, MD
    Julia Coleman, MD
    Linda Dultz, MD, MPH
    Mark Hoofnagle, MD
    Mohammad Shaikh, MD
    Navpreet Dhillon, MD
    Samuel Ross, MD, MPH

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