• Associate Member Council (AMC)


    Dr. Ryan Dumas
    Associate - Attending
    UTSW Medical Center


    Dr. Brittany Bankhead
    Associate - Attending
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


    Dr. Michael Vella
    Associate - Attending
    University of Rochester


    Dr. Matt Stickland
    Associate - Attending


    Research/Education Councilor
    Dr. Jonathan Meizoso
    Associate - Attending
    University of Miami

    Scholarship/Development Councilor
    Dr. William Butler
    Associate - Attending
    Navy Medical Center San Diego

    Communication/Social Media Councilor
    Dr. Julia Coleman
    Associate - Attending
    Ohio State University

    Committee Chairs

    Education/E-Learning Committee Chair
    Dr. Navpreet Dhillon
    Associate - In-Training Fellow
    R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland

    Scholarship, Awards, and Development Committee Chair
    Dr. Kovi Bessoff
    Associate - In-Training Fellow
    Stanford Medicine

    Communications & Social Media Committee Chair
    Dr. Tanya Anand
    Associate - Attending
    University of Arizona

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