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  • Associate Member Council (AMC)


    Ryan Dumas, MD
    Associate - Attending
    UTSW Medical Center


    Brittany Bankhead, MD
    Associate - Attending
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


    Michael Vella, MD
    Associate - Attending
    University of Rochester


    Jonathan Meizoso, MD
    Associate - Attending
    University of Miami


    Research & Education Councilor
    Navpreet Dhillon, MD
    Associate - In-Training Fellow
    R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland

    Scholarship & Development Councilor
    Caitlin Fitzgerald, MD
    Associate - In-Training Fellow
    Riverside University Health System Medical Center

    Communication & Social Media Councilor
    Julia Coleman, MD
    Associate - Attending
    Ohio State University

    Committee Chairs

    Education/E-Learning Committee Chair
    Joshua Dilday, DO
    Associate - In-Training Fellow
    Medical College of Wisconsin

    Scholarship, Awards, and Development Committee Chair
    Jeff Choi, MD
    Associate - Resident
    Stanford Medicine

    Communications & Social Media Committee Chair
    Simin Golestani, MD
    Associate - Resident
    University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

    Communications Vice Chairs


    Vice Chair of Engagement
    Rachel L. Choron, MD
    Associate - Attending
    Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Headshot 2018.jpg

    Vice Chair of Recruitment
    Frank C. Wood, MD

    Associate - Attending
    University of Oklahoma


    Education Vice Chairs

    0 1.png
    Vice Chair of Webinars
    Alexander C. Schwed, MD
    Associate - Attending
    UCLA Medical Center

    Vice Chair of Online Learning
    Erika Bisgaard, MD
    Associate - In-Training Fellow
    University of
    Southern California


    Vice Chair of Educational Resource Management
    Saskya Byerly, MD
    Associate - Attending

    Scholarship Vice Chairs

    Headshot-2023 copy

    Vice Chair of Development
    Kaitlin Ritter, MD
    Associate - Attending
    University of Colorado

    Jared Profile Pic

    Vice Chair of Scholarship
    Jared Wohlgemut, MBChB

    Associate - Attending
    Queen Mary University of London

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