• Case Log

    The Acute Care Surgery Case Log System is essential to the success of your Acute Care Surgery Fellowship program.  By entering the cases in the case log system, when it is time for your site revisit, the committee and revisit team will pull your cases from the Case Log system and review then prior to the visit.  This will save you and the revisit team time prior to the visit.  If you have any questions on the case log database system, please contact the AAST Central Office at 800-789-4006 or email us. 

    CLICK HERE  to access the Case Log Database

    Update 12/1/18:
    With the curricular change to an experiential rather than rotation based system, accurate case numbers are critical for fellow documentation and ultimate credentialing as well as programmatic verification by the AAST.

    Starting December 1, 2018, the AAST is asking all Fellows to keep an Excel case log in addition to logging cases in the AAST system.

    Click here for a video tutorial. 

    Click here to download the excel case log.

    Click here to download the excel case log instructions.

    Click here to log cases into the AAST system.


    Current Fellow Responsibility:

    • Fill in your profile
    • Enter case log information as you complete it

    Central Office Responsibility:

    • Administer the website
    • Assign login's to the fellows annually 
    • Reset passwords as needed 
    • Coordinate with Case Log Committee as needed

    Program Directors Responsibility:

    • Program Directors are to submit a list of fellows annually to the AAST Central Office 
    • Any changes to rotations/hospitals send to AAST Central Office 
    • Make sure fellows are entering data as planned to meet the deadlines for reports. All cases will need to be entered by each fellows as the case log for the Institution(s) will be pulled prior to any site revisits.

    Case Log Committee Responsibility:

    • Review data on an ongoing basis with quarterly reviews.
    • Exact plan to be decided upon in terms of division of labor
    • Create reports for Chair, Acute Care Surgery Committee and for Program Directors