• Emergency Surgery Course

    The ESC® (joint collaboration between ESTES and AAST) aims to aid surgeons in non-trauma emergency surgery by providing the know-how and the decision-making skills necessary for daily practice. The course consists of theoretical sessions, case scenarios and state-of-the-art videos. The course is especially designed in an interactive format from the beginning until the end. 

    The course is divided into two parts: 

    • The first consists of several theoretical, didactic sessions designed to provide the basic steps for adequate and timely diagnostic and decision-making
    • The second, video-based, designed to provide tips and tricks to improve the skills of the general surgeon to deal with surgical emergencies. 

    In sum, the ESC has the following goals: 

    • Confront surgeons with every day and problematic emergency scenarios 
    • Provide concrete answers and guidelines for questions emerging from these situations 
    • Hone the decision-making skills necessary to manage pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative issues 

    We provide two days of emergency surgery education that include: 

    • Breakout sessions 
    • Case discussions 
    • Topic reviews 
    • Etc. 

    Topics include but are not limited to:

    • Abdominal sepsis 
    • Bowel obstruction 
    • Colorectal emergencies 
    • Acute cholecystitis 
    • Obstetric emergencies 
    • Etc.

    Interested in holding an ESC at your institution? Contact rsass@aast.org for more details!