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    As a presenter (oral, quickshot, or poster) at the 76th AAST Annual Meeting and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery, there are certain guidelines and policies that must be followed. It is very important that you read all information sent to you or your corresponding author. If your corresponding author has not forwarded the emails to you, please ask him/her to do so. Most of the information is also listed below.


    1. AV Guidelines
    The AV Guidelines should be read and followed. It is recommended to UPLOAD your presentation 24 hours to presenting in the Speaker Ready room. All presentation MUST be uploaded four hours prior to presenting. Only Wednesday presenters are exempt from the four hour rule. If presenting on Wednesday, September 13th, your presentation MUST be uploaded by 10:00 m on Wednesday, September 13th.  AV Guidelines are now available

    ** Please note:  The AAST has changed the slide size to 16:9.  Additional information will be included in the AV guidelines.  Download the sample now. 

    2. Presentation formatting suggestions are provided. Remember, AAST attendance is between 1000-1200. Make sure you slides can be read and seen in the back of the room.

    Oral Podium Papers: presentation length = 10 minutes
    Quick Shot Presenters: presentation length = 3 minutes and a maximum of five slides (not including the title and disclosure slide)

    3. Disclosure slide
    All presentations MUST include a disclosure slide after the title slide. (Quick shot presenters can include your disclosures on your title slide if want). A sample disclosure slide is provided, but it is not necessary to use it. However, your disclosure slide must include the information that is on the sample slide.

    4. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery manuscript submission
    All oral presenters MUST submit a manuscript (quick shot presenters are encouraged but not required to submit a manuscript) by September 1st. The January-March 2018 issues of the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery are heavy with AAST papers. For ensure your manuscript recieves priority for early 2018 publication, you will need to upload your manuscript manuscript by August 1. Only those manuscripts submitted by following the uploading instructions will be included in these issues.

    REMINDER: it is AAST policy that all oral podium presenters submit a manuscript (except quick shots) prior to the start of the AAST Annual Meeting. Those who do not submit a manuscript by September 1st,will be sanctioned and either you and/or your institution will not be allowed to present for two years.  Also a letter will be sent to your chairman.

    Quickshot Presenters:  it is highly recommended that you submit a manuscript to the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, but it is not mandatory. 

    Poster Presenters: you are not required to submit a manuscript but it is encouraged.

    5. Manuscript upload for Discussant
    It is required all oral and quick shot presenters upload a manuscript by August 24th for the discussant to review prior to the meeting. This date is firm and failute to do so could include sanctions for you and/or your institution. Instructions to upload your manuscript was sent out at the end of May and will be sent out mid-August again. Please note all emails are sent to the corresponding author. 

    6. Discussants of Oral or Quick Shot Presentations
    Please keep your questions short and to the point. There is no need to restate the presentation when discussing an oral podium paper. Remember there are others who will have questions and the presenter requires time to answer all questions.

    Oral Podium discussants: please keep your questions to 3-4 minutes.

    Quick Shot discussant: please keep your two questions (no more than two questions) to 1 minutes. please submit your questions to the quickshot preseneter by Thursday, September 8th by sending them to Sharon Gautschy at sgautschy@aast.org. 

    7. Poster Presenters
    The posters size is VERTICLE instead of HORIZONTAL to allow more space in the floyer and to ease congestion in the hall. Poster instructions are available here.