• Membership Criteria

    Membership in the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma is based on demonstration of sustained commitment to Acute Care Surgery which includes Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Emergency General Surgery. Surgeons who are fellows of the American College of Surgeons (or equivalent organization for International members) with clinical practice in Acute Care Surgery or any of its components are welcome to apply for membership as AAST fellows. Surgical residents, fellows and junior faculty within 5 years of achieving FACS may apply as Associate members. Other physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses and other allied health professionals may apply for membership as AAST Contributing Scientists.


    AAST Fellows

    International Fellows

    AAST Contributing Scientist

    Associate Members


    Applications are accepted ONLINE only. Deadline for membership application is May 1. Due to COVID-19, the membership application deadline for all member types has been extended for 2020.

    Incomplete applications will not be considered


    Honorary Membership Criteria

    Nominees for AAST Honorary Membership should fulfill the following criteria:

    • The importance of their research/clinical accomplishments should be well known to the active member of the AAST who will nominate the individual
    • The importance of their research/clinical accomplishments should be confirmed by contact with their national, regional, or international society in trauma/surgical critical care/emergency surgery/burns
    • Their visibility in the United States has been enhanced by attendance at and participation in prior meetings of the ACS, AAST, EAST, WTA, SCCM, ABA, etc.
    • Willingness to attend the AAST meeting in which they would receive their certificate as an Honorary Member


    To nominate an Honorary Member, please submit the following to AAST by May 1st:

    • Nomination by an active AAST member
    • Three letters of recommendation from active AAST members
    • The prime nominator will collate the three letters in support of the nominee and the nominee's curriculum vitae and submit by May 1st of the year of the nomination

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