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    Military Liaison Committee 2018 Report 


    The Military Liaison Committee facilitates military-civilian collaborations in the AAST with the aim of zero preventable deaths after injury and minimal trauma related disability for the Servicemen and women our Nation sends into harm’s way as well as every American at home and abroad.

    Over the past year some exciting developments have occurred with regards to legislation that directly impacts military trauma care. The National Defense Adminsitrative Act (NDAA) 2017 was approved in December 2017. It is now working its way through the Defense Health Agency for implementation. The Mission Zero Act has cleared the US House and is up for a vote as soon as September 2018 in the Senate. The Military Liaison Committee in cooperation with ACS and Peggy Knudson, has provided an overview to the AAST regarding the impact of the NDAA and Mission Zero Act.

    These pieces of legislation have two significant impacts. The first is the incorporation of the Joint Trauma System (JTS) in the Defense Health Agency (DHA). The second is the potential for HHS grant funding to expand military-civilian partnerships. These two areas are the focus of the Military/International Committee pre-session at the 2018 Annual meeting. The pre-session will be divided into two sections. The first, in debate format, will focus on the role the military will play in the US trauma system and how to best expand the military-civilian partnerships. The second half will consist of a panel discussion centering on other countries’ approaches to maintaining military trauma readiness. The highlight of the pre-session will come between the two sections when VADM Raquel Bono, Director of DHA, will speak about her vision regarding maintaining a focus on combat casualty in the Military Health System during peacetime. A special thanks goes out to R. Stephen Smith, Michel Aboutanos, and Jennifer Gurney for their hard work putting the session together.

    The committee has expanded our relationships with other organizations in 2018. With the assistance of Dr. Rotondo, the Miltary Liaison Committee has established formal relationships with the JTS’ Committee on Surgical Combat Casualty Care (CoSCCC) and the ACS Excelsior Society. Representatives (liaisons) from the AAST will be part of these two groups moving forward. We would like to thank Stacy Shakelford and Jennifer Gurney for their efforts to cement these relationships.

    While some military surgeons do MIS, bariatrics, and surgical oncology; ALL military surgeons do ACS and the AAST is the natural home organization for all military surgeons.  We are very proud that the AAST has recognized the contribution of military members in the organization and will offer a reduced Annual Meeting registration fee for all active duty military members.

    Finally, the Military Committee, through the hard work of COL Matt Martin, Juan Asensio, and R. Stephen Smith, was very proud to offer a scholarship to a military resident/fellow to attend the Annual Meeting. A special thanks to the AAST and the AAST Foundation funding this scholarship.

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