• ACS Program Directors Subcommittee

    John Fildes


    The Program Directors subcommittee was created to emulate the APDS (Association of Program Directors in Surgery) and the APDSCC (Association of Program Directors in Surgical Critical Care). This group meets at the Annual Meeting each September and has a monthly conference call to discuss, analyze, and take action on important issues affecting the training of Acute Care Surgery Fellows.  

    This year the subcommittee reported that the number and quality of applicants for fellowship has increased sharply. All programs filled their positions. The curriculum is stable and well supported by the online modules. An early in-training exam is given each year and the results are compared to the end-of-year test. Graduating fellows are getting good jobs and making important contributions to the care of patients with time-sensitive injuries and illnesses. 

    The adoption of an experiential learning strategy has been transformative. It allows fellows to accrue operative and non-operative experiences across the 365 days of training as opposed to a 30-day rotation. This change will also make it possible for more programs to achieve AAST approval.

    We welcome your questions and comments. Please direct them to Bridget Linbloom at bridget.linbloom@aast.org