• Acute Care Surgery Committee

    Under the continuing leadership of Dr. Clay Cothren Burlew, the Acute Care Surgery Committee has been extremely successful in recruiting Acute Care Surgery fellowship programs. Over the last year, the ACS Committee has approved three new fellowship programs and has reverified nine fellowship programs. We would like to welcome our new programs at the University of Tennessee, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the University of California, San Diego. The committee anticipates definite continued growth of the Acute Care Surgery fellowship programs, as six additional sites are in the process of creating their fellowships and applying for approval. The committee owes significant gratitude to the committee members who have taken the time to crisscross the country and review programs to ensure the best possible educational experience for upcoming fellows. 

    Drs. Stephanie Savage and Joseph Galante continue to work on expanding our educational content via the creation of new ACS modules. Over the last year, the ACS Committee has published sixteen new modules, largely focused on Emergency General Surgery topics. An additional eighteen modules are nearing completion and will be uploaded for fellow review within the next year. In the coming months, the educational focus will be on revisiting past modules to update content and revamping modules to be more case-based and interactive for learners. Drs. Nicole Stassen and Preston Miller continue to put significant work into the Acute Care Surgery in-training exam. A large bank of new questions has been generated and continues to be edited. Fellows now take the exam at both the start and end of their fellowship training to demonstrate learning trajectory and mastery.

    The Acute Care Surgery Committee is excited to welcome the first class of Associate members to the AAST, four of whom will join our committee in the upcoming year. Together, we will start looking to the future as we develop projects to build the Acute Care Surgery curriculum and brand. As we do, we will continue our ongoing collaboration with SAGES, EAST, and a variety of committees within the AAST. We would like to thank all the past members of the ACS Committee who have contributed their time and expertise to our profession. We would also like to thank our current members for their ongoing dedication, and many thanks go to Sharon Gautschy, AAST Executive Director, and Bridget Lindbloom, ASC Committee Liaison, for their tireless support and guidance.

    The ACS Committee anticipates another productive year.

    Stephanie Savage, MD

    Vice-Chair, Acute Care Surgery Committee

    Clay Cothren Burlew, MD

    Chair, Acute Care Surgery Committee

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