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  • #AAST2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Quickshot Interviews

    Days Thawed Does Not Affect Survival, Bleeding, or Biomarkers in Patients Receiving Prehospital Fresh Frozen Plasma: Pamer Secondary Analysis

    The Relationship Between Cortisol Response and the Development of Chronic Pain in Traumatically Injured Patients

    Predictors of Survival After Craniotomy in Geriatric Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury

    The Extent to which Geography Explains One of Trauma's Troubling Trends: Insurance-based Differences in Appropriate Inter-facility Transfer

    Can Variations in Insulin Requirements Be an Early Indicator of Sepsis in Burn Patients?

    Differences in Rate of Intervention for Blunt Spenic Injury in Adolescents Between Adult and Combination Adult/Pediatric Centers

    Do Patients with Minimal Blunt Thoracic Aortic Injury (BTAI) Require Tevar?

    Multicenter Validation of the Bowel Injury Prediction Score (BIPS) for Identifying Patients Requiring Surgery

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