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  • The 1st Annual Chicago Neurotrauma Symposium: Penetrating Brain Injury: Toward a New Paradigm

    About The Event

    This course features world leaders in the management of penetrating brain injury as well as representatives from major funding organizations including both the NIH and Department of Defense. The activity aims to review the current clinical practices, guidelines, and research efforts tackling penetrating brain injury in civilian and military settings worldwide. Additionally, it will facilitate new research collaborations to address high-yield clinical questions, paving the way for discoveries and advancements in the field of penetrating brain trauma. This conference is designed for neurosurgeons, neuro ICU trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, intensivists, and other interested parties who focus on penetrating brain injury.


    After this activity, participants will be able to:
    1. Identify knowledge gaps and areas for further research through a comprehensive review of the current clinical literature on FIBI;
    2. Describe the multidisciplinary approach required for the acute
    resuscitation of individuals affected by FIBI;
    3. Discuss the most effective research approaches for studying FIBI;
    4. Compare effectiveness studies versus randomized controlled trials for FIBI treatment.
    5. Determine high-yield clinical questions that require further investigation that can create research consortiums to address them;
    6. Evaluate the available acute neurosurgical and neurocritical care options to optimize neurological outcomes for FIBI patients

    The David Rubenstein Forum, Chicago, IL

    Kristen Shepard 


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