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  • 3rd World Congress on Surgery, Surgeons & Anesthesia

    About The Event

    The WCSS 2023 has turned in to a premier forum to network, learn and connect with experts, academicians, researchers, specialists and activists in generating a platform to discuss and spread meaningful messages, values and practices in the subject of Surgery.


    ·         Surgery

    ·         General Surgery

    ·         Pediatric Surgery

    ·         Surgical Oncology

    ·         Surgical Pathology

    ·         Acute Care Surgery

    ·         Advancements In Surgery

    ·         Vascular Surgery

    ·         Anesthesiology And Perioperative Care

    ·         Podiatric Surgery

    ·         Bariatric Surgery

    ·         Breast Surgery

    ·         Cardiac Surgery

    ·         Colorectal Surgery

    ·         Dermatologic & Cosmetic Surgery

    ·         Emergency Surgery

    ·         Microsurgery

    ·         Endocrine Surgery

    ·         Craniofacial Surgery & Plastic Surgery

    ·         Gastroenterological Surgery

    ·         Gender Confirmation Surgery

    ·         Hand Surgery

    ·         Laparoscopic And Endoscopic Surgery

    ·         Neuro Surgery

    ·         Robotic Surgery

    ·         Thoracic Surgery

    ·         Burn Surgery

    ·         Trauma Surgery

    ·         Orthopaedic Surgery

    ·         Otorinolaryngology

    ·         Ocular Surgery

    ·         C-Section

    ·         Gynecology Surgery

    ·         Complex Spine Surgery

    ·         TIPS

    ·         Dental Surgery

    ·         Genito Urinary Surgery

    ·         Radiology Surgery

    ·         Abdominal Surgery

    ·         Fetal Surgery

    ·         Pancreatectomy

    ·         Surgical Techniques

    ·         Current Problems In Surgery

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    Zurich, Switzerland

    For any queries, contact

    Spandana Roy

    Program Director

    Surgery Conference 2022

    Whatsapp +441520330005


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