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  • 56th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology - SIOP 2024

    About The Event

    The 56th Congress of the "Societe Internationale d'Oncologie Pediatrique" (SIOP) will be held October 17-20, 2024 in Honolulu, Hawaii, US.

    The SIOP community gathers together every year to share their experience, knowledge and research in pediatric oncology. SIOP is a unique meeting that brings together all caregivers: physicians, nurses, psychologists, surgeons, paediatric and radiation oncologists, and many others, all involved in the care of children and teenagers with cancer and their parents from all around the world. The Congress serves to improve the outcomes in this field and enrich the knowledge for everyone.
    The SIOP 2024 annual congress in Hawaii marks an exciting milestone for our organisation. Being situated in the United States, we anticipate valuable contributions from our North American colleagues and institutions, such as the Children's Oncology Group. Simultaneously, the congress's proximity to South-East Asia and Oceania promises to infuse our event with the expertise and insights of these dynamic regions. We are excited to come together to savour the unique charm of Hawaii as a destination.

    The scientific programme will encompass a range of global paediatric oncology topics, with a particular focus on research conducted by the cooperative groups participating in the PARC programme. We have developed a robust agenda that addresses global health-related subjects and explores updates related to the WHO Global Initiative on Childhood Cancer, where SIOP is recognised as a non-state actor.

    The SIOP 2024 Congress will be the place to hear the latest research findings in the field and to catalyse new ideas, generated by the multi-disciplinary attendance for which it is renowned. It provides a wonderful platform on which to present your own research and share knowledge and ideas. Advance your Paeditatric Oncology career, connect with like-minded people and contribute to a world where no child should die of cancer!

    Abstract Submission Deadline: April 3, 2024
    Early Registration Savings Deadline: July 17, 2024


    Date and Time: On Thu, 17 Oct 2024 09:00 - Sun, 20 Oct 2024 18:00

    Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | Oncology

    General Admission: USD 0.00

    Speakers: Guillermo Chantada, Wade Kyono, Anita Mahajan, Marilyn Hockenberry, Lillian Sung, Asim Belgaumi, Courtney E. Sullivan, Claire Wakefield, Rejin Kebudi, Andrea Cappellano

    Hawaii Convention Center, 1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815, United States

    SIOP 2024 Congress Secretariat

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