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  • 7th World Congress on Wound Healing and Critical Care

    About The Event

    Wound Care Congress 2023 is proud to announce the 7th World Congress on WoundHealing and CriticalCare, which will take place in Dubai, UAE on February 23-24,2023

    We cordially invite you to attend the experts' futuristic ideals and a gathering of world-renowned academicians, researchers, business delegates, principal investigators, nurses, and top branded exhibitors.

    Wound Care Congress 2023 is designed to bring together notable scholars from the wound care, nursing, and Critical Care communities to present and explore the future of wound and tissue science medicine.

    The conference lasts two days and will cover new methodologies, beliefs, and philosophies that affect your professional development.

    Join us with your academic and clinical strategies that will lead to a positive outlook on future wound care and Critical Care

    We eagerly anticipate your illustrious presence!

    Best Regards,
    Organizing Committee


    For Contact: 

    Alice Mary
    Program Manager | Wound Care Congress 2023
    Phone: +44 20 3769 1755 | WhatsApp: +44 741 860 2028

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