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  • Diagnostic Imaging Update in Riveria Maya Cancun

    About The Event

    Lectures and cases will cover evidence-based practice techniques and protocols for improved diagnostic accuracy in multiple applications. At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

    -Use contemporary imaging techniques and protocols in imaging to accurately diagnose, stage and manage diseases

    -Explain the performance and processing of MRI, CT and US studies designed to depict anatomy and pathology

    -Integrate information presented in this course into efforts to improve the imaging skills of the participants

    -Develop differential diagnosis that relates to the pertinent imaging and clinically relevant findings for each of the cases covered in this course

    -Outline the fundamentals of the latest advanced techniques in MRI and CT and their current roles and limitations in clinical practice

    -Apply advanced techniques and protocol design in CT, MRI, and ultrasound

    -Describe the imaging anatomy and protocols that are necessary to arrive at diagnosis of diseases.

    -Apply quality improvement strategies to the practice of radiology, with a focus on increasing efficiency, communication, and collaboration.

    Date and Time: Monday, 20 January 2025 at 07:00 to Thursday, 23 January 2025 at 12:00




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