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  • The Inaugural Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS Trauma Lecture

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    About The Event

    Research That Has Transformed Trauma Care

    Presented by Raul Coimbra, MD, Ph.D., FACS

    Professor of Surgery

    Loma Linda University School of Medicine

    Target Audience: Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, RNs, Respiratory Therapists, or anyone caring for trauma/emergency department patients

    Learning Objective: There are constant advancements in clinical diagnosis, treatment, and best practices related to the care of the injured patient. Considering the volume of research and numerous updates, it is challenging to keep updated on compelling changes and trends that help us deliver cutting-edge, evidence-based care. With this in mind, the subject of the lecture focuses on identifying those research papers which have been most impactful and have changed trauma care over the past two decades.

    This is a virtual event. Registration is required, but there is no fee to register. To register:


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