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  • Principles of Critical Care Medicine for Non-Intensive Care Specialists

    About The Event

    Keeping pace with the rapid changes in evidence-based critical care medicine is difficult for specialty-trained intensivists; for non-intensivists, the challenge of staying up to date can be overwhelming. This cutting-edge CME course is intended to provide core clinical critical-care skills to health care providers who are not trained as intensivists but whose clinical duties involve taking care of critically ill patients. The focus of this course will be to highlight recent important evidence-based advances in the practice of modern critical care medicine and leave the audience with tangible strategies to immediately improve their practices. Hot-off-the-press emerging topics will also be addressed, arming you with the latest information.

    Our outstanding faculty, recognized as experts in the field, will use diverse teaching methodologies including: didactic sessions, interactive case-based discussions, Q and A sessions, panel discussions and procedural demonstrations. These sessions will test your clinical reasoning and leave you with strategies for incorporating, synthesizing and applying core critical knowledge to your intensive care practice. Our faculty come from various training backgrounds and include physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and speech and language pathologists to ensure the most up-to-date and practical content is delivered.

    The following intensive care problems, techniques and updates will be addressed in this comprehensive course in addition to considerations for the care of COVID-19 positive patients:

    Mechanical ventilation and patient-ventilator interactions
    Non-invasive ventilation and high-flow nasal cannula
    Nutrition in the ICU
    Point-of-care ultrasound utilization in the ICU
    Advancements in post-resuscitation care
    End-of-life care in the ICU
    Shock and vasopressors
    Sedation and delirium
    Sleep in the ICU
    Pulmonary embolism
    Palliative care in the ICU
    Post-intensive care syndrome
    Refractory hypoxemia and ARDS
    Neurocritical care
    Ventilator troubleshooting
    Infectious disease emergencies and updates in antimicrobial selection
    Oncologic emergencies
    Time-limited trials in the ICU
    Humanizing the ICU
    Severe acid-base and electrolyte disturbances


    Harvard Medical School

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