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  • Survival Skills for Today's Gynecologist - Fall 2023

    About The Event

    This practical course stresses how to enhance your day-to-day office GYN practice with relevant, important procedures and therapies that are easy to master, comfortable to incorporate and solidly reimbursable. Upgrade your skills and clinical approach to meet the needs of your gynecologic patients for the future. Feel good about offering comprehensive, up-to-date information and services that will expand your gynecologic practice while making it more enjoyable and rewarding for you. Whether solo or a group, this course will change the way you practice medicine and is intended for women's healthcare providers including nurses, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants with advanced, or terminal degrees, including MD, DO, RN-C, RN, PA-C, PhD who provide GYN care for their patients.

    17.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
    17 Cognate Credits


    Upon completion of this conference, the participant will be able to:
    - Advise GYN patients on successful weight-loss strategies beyond simple diet and exercise including use of available pharmaceuticals
    - Apply new guidelines for adnexal masses
    - Incorporate new guidelines for diagnosis of abnormal uterine bleeding into clinical practice
    - Add new competencies for managing menopausal symptoms using both hormonal and non-hormonal approaches, while separating fact from fiction
    - Understand the clinically relevant nuances of breast cancer screening with 3D mammography, ultrasound and MRI
    - Appreciate how aging affects skin with review of available anti-aging treatment options
    - Review evidence-based treatment approaches for iron supplementation in pregnancy
    - Apply understanding of cancer mortality (related to cancers without screening guidelines) in clinical practice by review of science behind cell-free DNA and the data supporting use in early cancer detection
    - Develop strategies to assess, diagnose and treat overactive bladder and urinary incontinence
    - Improve skills in providing individualized guidance for optimal breast care for patients (including those with dense breasts)
    - Differentiate between low sexual desire and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), and appreciate how to improve both by engaging evidence based treatments
    - Understand the current approaches to hysterectomy and which technique is best for each patient
    - Manage pain for in-office procedures safely and effectively
    - Learn new approaches to better protect the female patient's bone health
    - Appreciate the complexities of vulvovaginitis (including the causal conditions) and derive an appropriate differential diagnosis for acute and chronic conditions with the concomitant treatment plan
    - Understand the clinical implications of systemic absorption of contraceptive progestogens from IUDs
    - Understand the new guidelines for cervical cancer and abnormal cervical disease screening, and apply the new guidelines (including recommended management practice algorithms) into clinical decision making


    Date and Time: On Fri, 10 Nov 2023 12:00 - Sun, 12 Nov 2023 12:35

    Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | CME (Continuing Medical Education)

    Physician: USD 1395.00,
    Nurse Practitioner: USD 1195.00,
    Physician Assistant: USD 1195.00

    Speakers: Steven R. Goldstein, MD, CCD, NCMP, FACOG (Program Director), James A. Simon, MD, CCD, NCMP, IF, FACOG (Program Director), Michael Auerbach MD, FACP (Faculty), Scott Chudnoff, MD, MSc, FACOG (Faculty), Angela Fitch, MD, FACP, FOMA (Faculty), Roxanne Jamshidi, MD, MPH (Faculty), Neeraj Kohli, MD, MBA (Faculty), Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF (Faculty), Mark Spitzer, MD, FACOG (Faculty), Natalie Curcio, MD (Faculty), Raymond Ernest Kohne, MD (Faculty)

    The Westin Nashville, 807 Clark Place, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203, United States

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