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  • Transforming Community and Rural Healthcare '24: Inspiring Partnerships and Scaling Collaborative Impact

    About The Event

    Mayo Clinic Health System presents the second annual, Transforming Community and Rural Healthcare 2024: Inspiring Partnerships and Scaling Collaborative Impact CE course. This two-day symposium brings together multidisciplinary healthcare leaders, providers, administrators, researchers, and educators to discuss critical issues impacting the health of community and rural populations. Sessions focus on addressing challenges faced across rural communities including, but not limited to, workforce, comprehensive cancer care, behavioral health, community partnerships, digital health and AI, and health equity. The course includes interactive sessions enabling participants to directly apply new transformative approaches to community and rural health settings.

    Call for Speakers!

    We want to learn from your experiences, success stories, and challenges along the way. Submit your idea for a workshop, research innovation, or community engaged solution. Visit the course website for more details and submission forms, all proposals are due on June 1, 2024.

    Date and Time: On Mon, 21 Oct 2024 08:00 - Tue, 22 Oct 2024 17:00

    Mayo Civic Center, 30 Civic Center Drive Southeast, Rochester, Minnesota, 55904, United States

    Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development


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