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  • Inova Fairfax Hospital

    United States, Falls Church, Virginia
    Institution Information
    Hospital: Inova Fairfax Hospital
    Address: 3300 Gallows Road
    Falls Church, Virginia 22042
    Fellowship Information
    Salary: $69.123.79
    Fellowship Type: Surgical Critical Care Only
    Number of Years: 1
    Number of Positions: 1
    Description: Multidisciplinary, 12-month fellowship program geared to provide a fellow broad experience in critical care. The goal of the program is to prepare fellows to function as qualified practitioners at the advanced level of performance expected of a Board-certified subspecialist. The education includes didactic instruction in the basic and clinical sciences of surgical diseases and conditions, as well as procedural skills and techniques used in the intensive care setting. This educational process leads to the acquisition of an appropriate fund of knowledge and technical skills, the ability to integrate the acquired knowledge into the clinical situation and the development of judgement. The fellowship will provide the educational, clinical and administrative resources to allow fellows to develop advanced proficiency in the management of critically-ill surgical patients, to develop the qualifications necessary to supervise surgical critical care units and to conduct scholarly activities in surgical critical care. Emphasis is placed on learning how to manage patients in the context of the multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers, by coordinating overall patient care and maintaining a high level of communication with the other team members, patients and their families. The program will foster leadership skills through supervised independent activities and by the demonstration of educational leadership through teaching activities for residents, students and other learners.
    Program Director Information
    Name: Christopher Michetti, MD
    Address: 3300 Gallows Road
    United States
    Falls Church, VA 22042
    Phone: 703-776-5686
    Fax: 703-776-3708

    Published on: 02/18/2013
    Last Revised on: 07/25/2021

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