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  • St. Michael's Hospital

    Afghanistan, Toronto,
    Institution Information
    Hospital: St. Michael's Hospital
    Address: 30 Bond Street
    Suite 3N-073, Queen Wing Toronto, M5B1W8
    Fellowship Information
    Salary: 60,000
    Fellowship Type:
    Number of Years: 0
    Number of Positions: 0
    Description: St. Michael’s Hospital is an inner-city, urban academic hospital with more than 450 inpatient beds. The hospital is a level 1 trauma centre with approximately 700 trauma team activations annually, of which 25% are penetrating injuries. The trauma surgeons are involved in a wide variety of research activities ranging from clinical epidemiology, trauma systems, critical care, sepsis, education and simulation. Fellows are encouraged to become involved in research during their fellowship. Clinical responsibilities will involve leading trauma resuscitations; overseeing care on a dedicated acute care/trauma service, and providing care in a 17 bed shared surgical intensive care unit (neurosurgery & trauma). The trauma fellows are involved in the teaching of medical students, residents, elective trainees and interdisciplinary staff, as well as presenting at trauma conferences, case teachings, rounds and at point of care. Certification as Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Canada or equivalent training at an accredited training institution in general surgery is required. Interested candidates, please submit curriculum vitae and three letters of reference to:
    Program Director Information
    Name: Avery Nathens MD
    Address: 30 Bond Street
    Suite 3N-073, Queen Wing
    Toronto, M5B1W8
    Phone: 416-864-5481

    Published on: 03/03/2010
    Last Revised on: 07/25/2021

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