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  • Cooper University Hospital

    Afghanistan, Camden, New Jersey
    Institution Information
    Hospital: Cooper University Hospital
    Address: 1 Cooper Plaza
    Camden, New Jersey 08103
    Fellowship Information
    Salary: $56,628
    Fellowship Type:
    Number of Years: 0
    Number of Positions: 0
    Description: Surgical Critical Care fellowship, 1 year, based at Level I trauma center in Camden, New Jersey. Varied experience with high volume Trauma as well as Medical/Surgical and Pediatric Critical Care
    Program Director Information
    Name: Steven E. Ross,MD
    Address: 3 Cooper Plaza
    Suite 411
    Camden, NH 08103
    Phone: 856 342 3341
    Fax: 856 342 2817

    Published on: 03/16/2011
    Last Revised on: 07/25/2021

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