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  • Lincoln Medical Center

    United States, Bronx, New York
    Institution Information
    Hospital: Lincoln Medical Center
    Address: 234 East 149th St., Suite
    Bronx, New York 10451
    Fellowship Information
    Salary: $75,777
    Fellowship Type: Surgical Critical Care/Trauma
    Number of Years: 1
    Number of Positions: 1
    Description: Lincoln Medical Center has an unexpected opening for a 1-year fellowship in Surgical Critical Care beginning July 2018 - June 2019. Lincoln Medical Center is a 400-bed hospital located in the South Bronx, New York. The Medical Center provides comprehensive care to a diverse population. Lincoln has a long history of ongoing excellence in Trauma Care. The educational program provides a well-rounded curriculum to prepare surgeons to become future critical care directors. Trainees who have completed an ACGME approved general surgery training program or pediatric surgery training program are preferred. Consideration will be given to highly qualified individuals who have completed a 5-year general surgery ACGME accredited Program or D.O. Program. A New York State License is required.
    Program Director Information
    Name: Meno Lueders, MD, FACS
    Address: 234 East 149th St., Suite 620
    United States
    Bronx, NY 10451
    Phone: 718-579-5900
    Fax: 718-579-4620

    Published on: 11/30/2017
    Last Revised on: 07/25/2021

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