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  • Methodist Dallas Health Center

    United States, Dallas, Texas
    Institution Information
    Hospital: Methodist Dallas Health Center
    Address: 1441 N Beckley Ave
    Dallas, Texas 75203
    Fellowship Information
    Fellowship Type: Surgical Critical Care/Trauma
    Number of Years: 1
    Number of Positions: 5

    The Trauma Research Fellowship allows candidates to work intimately with our trauma surgeons and research scientists at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. The goal of this program is to conduct Trauma and Acute Care research in collaboration with our research team. Fellows are expected to be an integral part of the Trauma Department and Trauma Research Group. Research fellows will publish manuscripts under the guidance of our experienced surgical and research faculty. As the only Level I Trauma Center serving South Dallas, our unique patient population forms the basis for numerous and diverse investigations. The Fellow will participate in multiple clinical research projects related to retrospective, prospective, and randomized controlled studies. Additionally, fellows will be given an opportunity to present their work at national and international meetings. The Division targets several large meetings each year, including the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma, Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma, American Surgical Association, Western Trauma Association and the American College of Surgeons. The Research Fellow will attend all educational programs of the Division and participate in an observational capacity in clinical activities. Direct patient contact for clinical practice is not allowed in this program. At the end of the fellowship, the Fellow is expected to have a rich knowledge in trauma, emergency surgery, and surgical critical care research. This is an unpaid position. Requirements: -FULL comprehension of the English language, both written and oral -Minimum 1year commitment -US Citizen or Green Card Holder Application: -One-page letter of intent describing the candidate's goals and expectations from the research fellowship -Detailed and chronologically organized Curriculum Vitae -Two letters of recommendation, in English, from Professors or Directors at the applicant's institution (from the past 12 months) -Copy of Diplomas

    Program Director Information
    Name: Heather Grossman Verner
    Address: 1411 N Beckley Ave, Pavillion III
    Suite 168
    United States
    Dallas, TX 75203
    Phone: 2149471280

    Published on: 04/11/2019
    Last Revised on: 07/25/2021

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