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  • Methodist Dallas Medical Center

    United States, Dalas, Texas
    Institution Information
    Hospital: Methodist Dallas Medical Center
    Address: 1441 N. Beckley Ave
    Dalas, Texas 75203
    Fellowship Information
    Salary: N/A
    Fellowship Type: Surgical Critical Care Only
    Number of Years: 1
    Number of Positions: 2
    Description: Job Description for Research Fellow Research Fellowship The Research Fellowship allows candidates to work intimately with our surgeons and research scientists at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. The goal of this program is to conduct Trauma and Acute Care research in collaboration with our research team. Fellows are expected to be an integral part of the General Surgery Program as well as the Trauma Research Group. Research fellows will publish manuscripts under the guidance of our experienced surgical faculty. As the only Level I Trauma Center serving South Dallas, our unique patient population forms the basis for numerous and diverse investigations. The Fellow will participate in multiple clinical research projects related to retrospective, prospective, and randomized controlled studies. Additionally, Fellows will be given an opportunity to publish and present their work at national and international meetings. The Division targets several large meetings each year, including the AAST, EAST, ASA, ASC, WTA, SCCM, and the ACS. The Research Fellow will attend all educational programs of the Division and participate in an observational capacity in clinical activities. Direct patient contact is not allowed under this program. At the end of the fellowship, the Fellow is expected to have a rich knowledge in trauma, emergency surgery, and surgical critical care research. Requirements: Individuals interested in applying for a Research Fellowship position must meet the following criteria: * FULL comprehension of the English language, both written and oral * Minimum 6 month commitment (12-24 months preferred) Financial support of the Fellow is his/her responsibility. Evidence of financial support is required. The Fellow is expected to be familiar with study design and methodology and simple statistical analysis (e.g. univariate analysis, t-test, chi-square). A higher level of statistical knowledge is desirable and should be emphasized in the application. The Fellow is expected to be familiar with commonly used computer programs (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc). A higher level of computer knowledge is desirable and should be emphasized in the application. Application: * One-page letter of intent describing the candidate's goals and expectations from the research fellowship; a statement should clarify the intent (or lack of intent) to pursue residency in the U.S. after the completion of the program * Detailed and chronologically organized Curriculum Vitae * Two letters of recommendation from Professors or Directors at the applicant's institution in English (from past 12 months) * Copy of Diplomas * Two letters of recommendation * Meet criteria for securing a qualifying Visa to remain in the United States for the period of duration of this fellowship * Medical Certificate attesting to your good state of health * Recent PPD test (TB test) and copy of normal chest x-ray report (within 6 months) * Two passport-size pictures Email us for more information Sponsor Michael S. Truitt, General Surgery Program Director, Department of Graduate Medical Education, Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Dallas, TX Location Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Dallas, TX 2016-2017 We accept applications on an ongoing basis and select applicants who demonstrate a desire and aptitude for success in clinical research. To apply, please email Michael S. Truitt, MD: Please include in your email 1) a current and complete mailing address, 2) the length of fellowship you are requesting, and 3) the month/year you wish to start. Program Contacts: Michael S. Truitt, MD Director of Surgical Graduate Medical Education/Trauma Surgeon, Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Dallas, TX, 75074 Vaidehi Agrawal, Ph.D. Clinical Research Scientist, Methodist Health System, Dallas, TX, 75074
    Program Director Information
    Name: Michael S. Truitt
    Address: Medical Education
    1441 N. Beckley Ave
    United States
    Dallas, TX 75203
    Phone: 214-947-2315

    Published on: 03/11/2016
    Last Revised on: 07/25/2021

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