• San Antonio Military Medical Center

    United States, Ft Sam Houston, Texas
    Institution Information
    Hospital: San Antonio Military Medical Center
    Address: 3551 Roger Brook Dr
    Ft Sam Houston, Texas 78234
    website: https://bamc.amedd.army.mil/saushec/gme/fellowship/surgical-cc/
    Fellowship Information
    Compliance: AAST Approved ACS | ACGME Approved SCC
    Fellowship Type: Surgical Critical Care/ACS
    Number of Years: 2
    Number of Positions: 4
    Description: Active Duty military fellowship program.
    Program Director Information
    Name: Christopher E. White
    Address: 3551 Roger Brook Dr
    United States
    Ft Sam Houston, TX 78234
    Phone: (210) 916-1064
    Email: christopher.e.white34.mil@mail.mil

    Published on: 06/22/2018
    Last Revised on: 07/22/2020

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